Trans Trakker Limited offers the most advanced and state-of-the-art globally recognized vehicle tracking solutions in today’s world.
Combining the use of automatic vehicle location with software that collects fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations,our customers will receive the following benefits listed below:

Vehicle Tracking

  • Satellite car tracking helps pinpointing locations through GPS system technology and communicates through GSM network assuring countrywide coverage
  • 24 x 7 Trakker Control Room access through toll free 08000 1616 for customer assistance
  • Vehicle does not leave the city without customer’s permission (presently for Karachi and Lahore only)
  • Stolen Vehicle Services being provided through TPL Security Services, a group company licensed for security service operating nationwide
  • Remote immobilization/engine shut off, if required in case of emergency
  • Battery Tamper Alarms
  • Phenomenal insurance premium discounts from insurance providers
  • Nationwide installation locations.
  • Warranty Cover of 1 year with option for extended warranty