Technology Escrow Solution

Companies now-ad-days frequently buy know how for many different sources. Underlying this knowledge are often formulas, blueprints, drawings or recipes.

Suppliers rarely consider it desirable to share insight in these formulas, blueprints or recipes with their customers as they consider this their Intellectual Property An Technology Escrow Arrangement, also know as Knowledge Escrow or Intellectual Property Escrow, may in such cases provide the required and desired answer to become less dependent of such knowledge.

Where escrow is used in the software markets for years, there increased interest in the production markets to safeguard intellectual property without limiting the soing business with customers. Even the ‘purchase of knowledge’ constitutes a threat to business, if the supplier is no longer able to supply.

Technology Escrow Solution by Trans Escrow ensures that the intellectual property of the supplier and the end user is guaranteed. Access to the materials is only given under specific conditions

In addition, the material is verified and stored in a secure physical location.